Ada – YouNick Mint’s new AI investment

You want to rent an apartment and you have at least a few websites to choose from and thousands of apartment offers on them.  Many of them are out of date, deceptive, lack a longer description and have poor-quality photos. You have to live somewhere, so you grit your teeth, search, look through hundreds of offers, you call, arrange appointments with agents, often at the expense of your studies or work. 

What if AI could do it? Dreams?

Nothing more wrong. Meet Ada – the first AI similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa which knows the rental market as nobody else and which will help anyone fed up with looking for offers on one’s own. Ada is a chatbot using AI at every stage of the rental process: from finding an apartment or a room to comparing the best offers, coordinating meeting dates to negotiating rental terms and conditions. If there is something wrong with your current apartment, the chatbot will check for you if there is anything better on the market at the moment.

Ada has just joined forces with YouNick, getting PLN 1 million of financial aid from the YouNick Mint investment fund and, at the same time, the know-how of Nickel Development headed by Dagmara Nickel. Combining Ada’s and YouNick’s potential is a real game changer on the rental market. The investment was co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the Bridge Alfa programme.

“We found it natural to start cooperation. YouNick’s network of industry contacts will also allow us to develop sales and ensure further commercial implementations.” 

– explains Natalia Świrska, COO of Ada

The Ada and YouNick Mint team focuses mainly on the development of benefits for tenants, but also does not forget about agents whom Ada will soon also relieve of burden of answering phones, searching for perfect apartments and will let them focus on concluding agreements.

“In this process, Ada ensures the chatbot’s development and YouNick Mint, in addition to investment, gives access to a rental housing network: agents, developers, and to sources of knowledge of practices on the market.”

– adds Dagmara Nickel, CEO of the YouNick Mint fund and Nickel Development.

“Ada is the first such AI on the Polish rental market. The market is worth about PLN 14 billion and, after all, rental is becoming more and more popular here in Poland. Additionally, the potential grows exponentially when looking at foreign markets.”

– says Kamil Nicieja, CEO of the company.

Chatbots, such as Ada, are becoming increasingly popular across industries – users want to use quick solutions that enable them to communicate easily. According to Business Insider, 60% of millennial and X generations prevailing on the economic market have already become familiar with chatbots and have had at least one such product. Many companies have already noted the potential of bots and based their products on platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Slack.

Along with the announcement of the investment, the company also releases a new version of its application. “Ada is no longer a solution only for tenants and it becomes a rental platform for everyone, including owners of apartments, roommates and real estate agencies,” says Adam Stankiewicz, CTO of the company. “The New Ada allows you to search for an apartment directly on our website for the first time ever, it is also the first AI-based application for real estate agencies.” Ada provides real estate agencies with access to analytical tools and housing data sets which make it possible for any agency to start using AI to manage its offers without wasting time on collecting data and creating algorithms on one’s own. Unlike other solutions on the market, Ada provides agencies with an unlimited number of ads for free.

Ada is currently being tested by selected real estate market leaders in Poland, such as Tekton Capital or Home Broker.

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