Younick innvest in AI busters

How we support?

By supporting the developed projects, we focus on building a market value and share our team’s many years of practical business experience in investments areas.

See, how we do it

What we invest in

We build the value of innovative technologies, we commercialise and develop businesses in the area of:

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Investment process

We work with the Originator side by side in a transparent process on each stage of project development: from presentation, analysis, pre-incubation up to investment, development and exit See what the process at YouNick Mint looks like.

More about investment areas

YouNick in numbers

portfolio companies

5 years
of investment activity

PLN 21 million
value of capital investments

– PLN 20 million –
company revenues in 2017
PLN 6.1 million – exit value

valuable projects

investment decisions

projects in pre-incubation

External financing
raised for portfolio companies

PLN 7 million
in 2 investment rounds

PLN 6.7 million
in subsidies

PLN 11.4 million
in loans

Idea YouNick Mint

Business is driven by people of action, not people of great knowledge.
Our role is to make them succeed.

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