YouNick Mint – operational investment team

We invest in innovative projects at an early stage of development and support them with our experts' competence.

For operators we invest in, we perform tasks with respect to: user research human resources business intelligence IP strategy product design marketing & sales.

The main sectors, in which we are looking for new projects, are:

  • healthcare
  • digital healthcare
  • industry 4.0

We focus on projects which offer global potential, a significant advantage over alternative solutions, including, among others, a technological advantage, a vision to reach PLN 150 million in value over 6 years.

We invest in well-thought areas in which we have expertise, competence or a developed industry network

We invest in what we are good at and in what we understand

Our team consists mainly of business practitioners with many years of experience in investment areas and, to a lesser extent, financiers and lawyers. It means for investors that projects we invest in are more prone to success. It also means that the originator can rely on valuable operational support, not only financial support. We have experience and knowledge to better weigh risks of a venture, and to develop and commercialise it together with the originator.

YouNick Mint ecosystem

We have integrated project evaluation and product development processes in place which involve:

Our strength is close cooperation with 36 higher education institutions as well as science and research units in Poland where our managers support technology transfer centres on a daily basis, seeking active teams and helping them develop a rational business investment proposal.

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