Bridge Alfa

The BridgeAlfa project is implemented by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the “Intelligent Development” operational programme. The aim of the project is to support the commercialisation of scientific research or development work results and other forms of their transfer to the economy, and to stimulate entrepreneurs to invest in R&D.

The BRIdge Alfa budget is PLN 436 million from which 19 selected teams, including YouNick Mint, received financing of PLN 15 million to PLN 30 million for the commercialisation of the most innovative ideas at the early stage of development.

The winning investment teams will analyses the acquired R&D projects for 5 years to use the best ones to establish SPVs capitalised with up to PLN 3 million, 80% of which will come from non-repayable EU assistance funds. This means for investors that their profit will come from five times the amount of the private investments made. The generated profit will not be distributed back to EU funders.

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