1. What are selection criteria when accepting an investment project?

YNM invests in ventures:

  • offering unique value for which a customer/user is willing to pay extra
  • with outstanding market potential,
  • with a verified proposition of value based on technological edge
  • run by cooperative, open-minded originators ready for challenges, aware of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • with international potential;
  • consistent with an investment mandate, in particular with respect to the amount of investment, the period of implementation and the profile of investment;
  • meeting the criteria of generally applicable regulations, especially as regards operators and activities excluded from financing.

2. In what sectors do you invest?

We invest in well-thougth areasin which we have expertise, competence or a developed industry network. The main sectors, in which we are looking for new projects, are:

3. How to make an appointment with the YNM investment manager?

4. What elements does an investment agreement contain?

The investment agreement and the AoA define the following areas, laws and obligations for the parties:

  • the contracting parties, the share structure, the subject of investment, the company’s management board
  • the venture development schedule and milestones
  • the amount of individual tranches and conditions for drawing them
  • manner of and conditions for accessing funds
  • future changes in the share structure depending on the success of R&D works, conditions for obtaining further financing rounds and other economic events affecting the company’s value
  • principles of making key decisions in the company
  • managerial options for the company’s management
  • prohibition of transferring and encumbering shares by originators
  • drag along, tag along, shareholders’ right of first refusal
  • anti-dilution protection

5. What does the investment process look like?

6. How do you help?

We are an operational investment team supporting originators at every stage of business development. In addition to financing, we offer the so-called smart money, i.e.:

  • minimal formalities: a simplified investment agreement, no business plans, no financial forecasts, no business valuation.
  • HR support as regards research and analytical, sales and management competences.
  • the team’s internal User Research expertise which presents us with and allows us to test recipients’ behaviour on the micro and macro scale.
  • an iterative model of development of all business model elements which allows us to faster and more efficiently develop marketable solutions and eliminate those that do not work.
  • an international network of industry experts assisting in solving the most difficult technology, IP strategy and sales problems.
  • active and real cooperation with scientific units and industrial partners.

7. What are Venture Days?



8. Na czym polega proces due dilligence?

Due diligence is about gathering information based on which all aspects of the company’s operation are analysed in detail. Due diligence usually takes place in two stages. The first stage involves collecting relevant information by an investor from an originator and from available external sources. It is usually financial and marketing materials. The second stage follows the signature of a Term-Sheet and consists in the formal examination of corporate documents, including the AoA, the MoA, employee agreements, accounting books, ownership deeds, patents and licenses.

9. What is a term sheet?

The Term Sheet is to confirm that the originator and the VC entered in talks. Both parties use it to set out basic terms of cooperation and an action plan which is to lead to concluding an investment agreement. It is not a legally binding agreement, it is more akin to a letter of intent. If the VC investor is willing to sign the Term-Sheet, it is interested in the company and intends to carry out formal due diligence.

10. What is 360 analysis?

The 360 analysis involves verifying the project information to date by the YouNick Mint team and is included in answers to questions concerning:
Uniqueness and competition. We seek to answer, among others, the following questions:

  • Is an idea something new or does it create a new value and respond to the actual need or problem?
  • A competitive analysis, including market shares, strengths and weaknesses, unfair advantage
  • Market entry barriers, e.g. economics of scale, protected product differences, the brand, supplier switching costs, access to distribution channels, cost advantages.

Technology development, IP, a product roadmap, regulatory conditions.
We seek to answer, among others, the following questions:

  • What does the IP idea situation look like? To what extent it is technologically new?
  • What do competitors look like when it comes to IP resources?
  • What are regulators risks on the market?

About the market. We seek to answer, among others, the following questions:

  • Who are target clients? Status and tendency in relationships: what can we say about their segments?
  • What client acquisition strategies are applied and what are their trends?
  • Are market share forecasts reliable?

Originators’ knowledge:

  • What do you treat in your plans as hypotheses for verification?
  • What are you absolutely sure about in your idea and why?
  • In which areas of business development, product development and client acquisition you need support

What pre-incubation is all about?

It is about processing additional elements by the team needed to develop an Investment Recommendation, verifying important hypotheses and developing a Venture Implementation Plan together with originators.
The pre-incubation phase involves cooperation with the following partners:

  • industry partners (such as Budimex, Fibar Group, RCPE, IBM)
  • the YouNick Technology Park
  • Pozlab
  • Mindsailors
  • Systematic Inventive Thinking
  • Service Design Polska

Based on cooperation with originators in the pre-incubation phase, the team assesses their attitude in line with the challenge that the YouNick Mint wants to invest in ventures whose initiators demonstrate a cooperative attitude characterised by positive thinking, seeking solutions and readiness to make decisions.

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