How we support

By building values for investors, we support originators by ensuring them:

  • a wide perspective thanks to analysing several hundred projects per annum
  • time
  • experience and knowledge of the team
  • investors
  • tools and budgets
  • neutrality and a cool head

Our expertise covers:

  • User research
  • Technology scouting
  • Human resources
  • Business intelligence
  • IP strategy
  • Product design
  • Marketing & sales

Back-office services tailor-made for a start-up

  • accounting together with tax settlements
  • HR
  • reports
  • e-office
  • financial director service

We take responsibility for the correctness of settlements and accounts, we care for the transparency of data, the reasonableness of a chart of accounts on which more advanced reporting will be based in the future.

We lighten the reporting burden on originators by providing them with properly structured management information. We care for a documentation flow and register.

Experts’ pool

We provide our originators with the support and involvement of experienced business experts in a specific domain who complement founders’ competence. We do not stop developing our Experts’ pool – a database of cooperating managers and directors fluent in business and market conditions in individual investment areas.

 In practice, expert support is provided by an expert engaged as a project manager, a consultant, a member of the management board and even a shareholder.

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