Health Care


In 2030, the share of people aged 60+, i.e. the most frequent healthcare beneficiaries, will be 25.2% in Poland (19.4% in 2010). The fact that elderly people use medicines most often means that demand for medicines in the coming years will be systematically growing in Poland.
Pharmacoevolution is a response to the problem of the long-lasting and cost-consuming process, because pharmaceutical innovation is based on using authorised and tested substances delivered to the human body in an innovative way and providing therapeutic benefits of lower toxicity, faster or more accurate action or greater application convenience. On the one hand, it provides benefits to the patient but, on the other hand, it is less risky than the discovery phase.


We want to live a long and healthy life, so we choose natural products and eliminate chemical medicinal products. Public awareness of the need for a holistic approach to treatment, including the need for civilisation disease prevention, is growing. The natural pharmaceutical market is a market that has been growing all over the world for many years, even in periods of crisis. It is estimated that sales in Europe alone, which is the strongest herbal medicine market and which accounts for 45% of the global market, may increase by as much as 6% per annum.

Smart food

The planet’s rapidly growing population, uneven distribution and the search for balanced and functional food give room for innovation in terms of products, their ingredients and processing, packaging or supply chain.
Demographic changes directly affect the market: on the one hand, 1/3 of the world’s recipients are Millennials looking for unprocessed, fresh and natural food, on the other hand, the dynamic growth of the world’s population to 10 billion in 2050 entails constant demand for valuable and functional food originating sustainably from natural sources to the largest possible extent.
Originators in this area face cultural conditioning challenges as well as legal regulations and certifications.

YouNick Mint’s smart money proposal in the Healthcare area

Our team uses its ecosystem to provide the following support to Healthcare projects:

  • consultancy in drug development, in particular by using innovative methods of drug delivery or new formulations for already authorised active substances
  • assistance in designing and optimising clinical trials, building an IP strategy based on market value
  • consultancy in licensing and other forms of commercialisation, including building your own sales organisation for operators aggregating an appropriate volume of sales
  • know how in the use of conservative product development methods closer to development processes of medicines than supplements, in particular an evidence based approach in the context of natural therapeutic products
  • User Research support for building a reliable demonstrator and conducting market tests responding to challenges related to buyers’ habits
  • consultancy in legal and market regulations,
  • assistance in traction building in early stage projects allowing for e.g. licensing solutions and treating the Polish market as a test market for global implementations.

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