Massimo Bresciani

Life Science

Massimo has many years of management experience in global drug development companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Aptuit and Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering), he is a promoter of the patient-centricity concept; he developed and managed the development of dozens of innovative medicinal products. Massimo is supporting YouNick Mint as a scientific advisor in new research and development projects and in the development of Pozlab and Applied Manufacturing Science.

He was responsible for the development of dozens of innovative and generic medicines under GlaxoSmithKline and Aptuit. He strategically supported the creation of several startups in Austria, Italy, Poland and France. Among others: he supported the creation of a new PAT technology in the GMP system – this technology has been successfully commercialized by a global pharmaceutical company. He led the development of a tool based on artificial intelligence for the purpose of diagnosing the adverse effects of clinical trials. He developed and implemented IT and predictive tools in clinical trials (so-called in silico trials). As the head of the research unit in the big pharma organization, he was transforming the business model into the CRO business model with a budget of 24 million Euro. He conducted numerous licensing (in and out) on active substances for the development of medicinal products.

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