We believe that business is driven by people of action,
not people of great knowledge.

Our role is also to provide support so that they can succeed.
Usefulness defines the purpose of our actions. Partnership, transparency and pragmatism – their quality.


When we analyse, invest and develop companies, we keep asking ourselves what in their offer is useful for a recipient.

We explore dependencies. We make effort to sketch out our situation and we use it to extract areas in which we can be useful.

That is why:

  • we invest in well-thought areas in which we have expertise and many years of experience,
  • we support projects providing real value, solving a significant problem or addressing an actual need,
  • we engage in these aspects of developed ventures where we are needed, where our expertise, experience and contacts provide value.


If you are doing something for the first time, it means you are running an experiment.

Early stages of business and product development are an experiment and they require readiness for failed attempts, continuous learning and the ability to adapt to new discoveries in both technology and business areas.  At this stage, together with the originator, we want to build a relationship based on the belief that we are partners in a relationship based on friendliness, transparency and understanding own needs.

That is why:

  • in the investment process, we agree to make joint efforts to build value and search for an optimal product, technology or market model for their venture,
  • instead of arguing about contractual terms and conditions, we ask how we can shape it to reflect the common interest,
  • in problem situations, we focus on finding solutions instead of whom to blame,
  • mistakes and failures are a reason for us to reflect and to implement well-thought changes,
  • we turn scientific and industry partnerships into specific actions.


We are transparent and we expect the same from our partners, originators and investors.

Your knowledge can change one day, week, month, years of life of other people by solving a small problem in 5 minutes – you can do a task impossible to be done by others.

That is why:

  • we communicate openly all processes and activities, explain why we reject projects or solutions,
  • we provide our partners with our own procedural documents, analyses, thoughts, access to an internal project management platform,
  • we describe our successes and failures to share our knowledge.


We find every process a tool, not a goal, just like “getting things done” is not about managing tasks, but implementing them.  We manage our responsiveness – perhaps, we will not drop everything to deal with a new project, but we will clearly assign it priority and further steps. 

That is why:

  • we invest in well-thought areas in which we have knowledge, competence and an extensive industry network,
  • our team consists mainly of business practitioners with many years of experience in investment areas, supported by financiers and lawyers,
  • each project has a dedicated investment manager, but the entire team works on its value.

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Business is driven by people of action, not people of great knowledge.
Our role is to make them succeed.

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